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Fast Pace In Atlanta Decides Season Championship

The Camping World Series finished its fall season at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Monday.  The three dogs in the fight at the end was Max Racing, Paul Emond and Troy Whiteside.  Could one of these two take the championship from Max Racing and stop him from getting two in a row in the truck series?  As the race started the competition was very close and found several of the points contenders up front trying to get those 5 bonus points.  JJaimeyfield found the track very loose on exit of the turns and provide fan excitement with a few self spins.  Troy Whiteside did everything possible to win the championship.  Troy lead the most laps and won the race in his efforts to steal the points lead from Max Racing.  As the race finished it was Troy Whiteside in first, Paul Emond in Second, JJaimeyfield in third and Mr Consistent (Max Racing) in 4th. 

The points championship went to MAX RACING for the second straight time.  Congratulations Max on another job well done.  Paul Emond was second and Troy Whiteside in third.  Hope the winter season is as exciting as the fall season and look forward to starting it soon.

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