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Parrot opens season with a Richmond WIN.

WPracing ignited Richmond Thursday.
The race started about an hour before sunset and proved to be a challenge for some.
The race was full of long runs and had 3 green flag stops.

The new adopted format was a success and made for an exciting race.  Around lap 45 the lights were turned on and the race stepped up a notch.  Parrot, Reed and Emond fought for the lead all night but in the end Parrot flew away with the checkers.  Reed and Emond came in a close 2nd and 3rd while Stanley and Travis finished out the top 5.

Next week we are off to Darlington.  The crew will be working on a set-up Sunday afternoon.  All are welcome to join team speak and help us out.

There is also talk of Reedsetups.com starting a setup class to help anyone wanting to learn how to make a car feel nice and fast.  Tell all your friends to come join us for the races and classes.  Our goal is to get a full field of Class A drivers.  With everyone’s help, we should be qualifying for all the spots soon.

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